It's that time of year again where the roads are a nightmare and not just because so many people here in West Texas can't drive... It's the added fun of road construction! The latest project we JUST ran into traveling to Odessa from the radio station's studios at 1788 and 191 in Midland-are the trucks and crane offloading concrete barriers to block traffic in the westbound lanes of 191, causing traffic to bottleneck into one lane just past the interchange headed towards Odessa, with the offloading right now occurring on 191 in front of La Hacienda. The orange cones sending you to the left lane begin just after the 1788 and 191 interchanges so you do have time to get over. Probably a great idea if you can to use an alternate route to get to Odessa from Midland-at least today til they get done setting these barriers in place for the project about to get underway. Otherwise, plan on slowing down, stopping at times, and waiting.

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This is all a part of the planned extension to Yukon rd and the overpass that will be constructed to take 191 over it. Construction will first upgrade the service roads so that they can then switch main traffic OFF 191 to the service roads while the overpass is constructed. The entire project is expected to take 30 months, so plan on this being an inconvenience for a while. The second phase will create the overpass and interchange which are designed to connect and improve traffic flow between 1788, 191, Yukon Rd, and Faudree Rd. The project is slated for completion in mid-2024.

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