We all have them. Those questions we have to answer. You know the ones. When people find out you are from a certain area. For example-being from Chicago, I always get "What's your favorite pizza?', "Do you like winter / the snow?", and "Which one are you--Cubs or White Sox?"... Well--living in West Texas is no exception. Depending on the setting and who's doing the asking (there are family variables here like "Are you ever going to get married?" or, if you're already married but childless--"Are you guys ever going to have kids?"--that sort of thing. Those types of questions are not in consideration for this topic. We're not talking about lifestyle choices, relationship or family choices, or even career choices. This is all about the region in which you live.

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So--what do West Texans get asked THE MOST when traveling, or being introduced in a social setting with a room full of out-of-towners? Here are the Top 3:

"Do you work in the oil fields?" (and yes, 'field' would have an 'S' on the end since people who aren't from here would think the word is plural).


A good percentage of us could answer that with a YES, but not all of us do. Who would cook the burgers and pizza at our favorite restaurants or cash us out at the grocery store if we all worked in Oil and Gas?

Then there's "Where do you guys go to play in the water? Is there a lake to fish or swim at?".

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It's a bit of a drive, unfortunately, to get there--but we can go to Wadley Baron park and watch the ducks having fun in the water.

"Do you like all the dirt / brown? There are no green or trees".


You get used to the wind blowing the thin layer of dirt in on your dashboard and door jams in your car, and you drive around with the windows closed and air on in the summer.

Our West Texas sun during the summer months makes swimming in our pools and getting a tan amazing. So we'll take it! What do YOU get asked when you meet new people about the area? Tell us what we left out in the comments below!

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