You asked if it was possible and we now have the answer. Much like a cough, you can allegedly spread COVID-19 by farting. But, there's a safer way to fart.

There are some homes, under quarantine, where this news will hurt worse than others. According to Dr. Norman Swan, who recently spoke on this subject during an Australian Broadcasting Corporation podcast, your fart could spread COVID-19.

Theoretically, as reported by the NY Post, your fart could spread the virus in the same way a cough does. Dr. Swan's recommendation was that citizens shouldn’t fart “close to other people” or “with your bottom bare.”

That said, an extensive fact check by USA Today determined the whole situation to be extremely unlikely.

Bottom line, keep your pants (or at least underwear) on when you blow your rump trumpet, to help control the spread. If you must fart with a bare butt, treat it like a cough or sneeze and do it into your elbow.

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