By now we're sure you've met Gavin, TikTok's biggest baby star and the latest human being to become a viral sensation overnight.

He instantly became a trending topic — and was deemed the "giant baby" or "big baby" — after his mom Kat shared a video of him bouncing in a freshly powdered diaper on his dad's back.

Though the content was most likely meant to put a smile on people's faces amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many questioned the size of the little boy and then turned their uncertainty of him into a viral meme.

It seems super cruel for the internet to collectively unite over its horrified reaction to a baby, but it's hard not to agree that his size stirs up something deep in our soul that we can't explain. Then again: plenty of folks find Gavin perfectly charming and adorable, too!

Check out a video of the viral giant baby for yourself, below:

It turns out Gavin is actually a healthy and very happy 3-year-old, and not a big baby as some may have believed. In fact, his mom said doctors are predicting he's going to be at least 6'3 when he grows up!

Now, see all the best internet reactions, below:

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