It is hard to believe sometimes that it was 28 years ago when the queen of Tejano music was slain in Corpus Christi by the manager of her boutiques and her agent Yolanda Saldivar.

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? I was on the radio on what used to be Power 106 here in Midland/Odessa with Leo Caro on location at Baldwin Electronics doing a live broadcast.

When the news broke, our DJ on the air at the time, Todd T., had a friend at a radio station in Corpus Christi and he was live on the scene for his radio station there so he also did reports for us on the phone on what was at that time just the shooting of Selena.

All of us on location at Baldwin were shocked when we heard the news of the shooting of Selena and we were keeping up with the reports while at the same time doing a live broadcast.

About halfway through the remote, we found out that Selena had been pronounced dead at the hospital so we had our guy in Corpus Christi reporting on what had become the death of Selena.

A few minutes after the report of her death was broadcast on air by our reporter in Corpus Christi, we had a car with a couple of guys pull up to where we were set up and called us over and told us that if this was some kind of April Fools joke, him and his friend would "cut us all."

We assured the guy that we would never do an April Fools joke about ANYONE dying because that is just morbid and wrong and April Fools jokes should be funny.

I will never forget that day and how we were threatened with our lives because 28 years ago March 31 was also on a Friday just like this year, and since April 1 was on a Saturday, most morning shows were doing early April Fools jokes and the guys that showed up thought we might be doing the same but he quickly knew when we were not doing an April Fools joke that the Queen of Tejano had been taken from us way too early.

I moved to Corpus Christi 15 years later and there is no mistake where Selena's grave is because you can see the pile of flowers and gifts from the street in front of the cemetery where she is buried every March 31st and again on April 16 which is her birthday, by the way, she would have been 52 this year on April 16th.



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