Back when I was a kid we always thought if you dug straight through the earth you would end up in China, but once we went to geography class we figured out that you couldn't end up in the northern hemisphere if you dug from the northern hemisphere, so where would you end up?

The website Antipodes Map gives you the place you would end up from anywhere in the world, you just put in the city, state or province, and country and a character will show up where you are, bent over and his head in the ground and in the window next to it will be the opposite place on earth with a caricature of a guy that looks like he has a miners hat on, so it would be you sticking your head in the ground and your head ending up where you would be on the other side of the Earth.

The place on the other side of the earth is called the antipodal point, thus the name of the website Antipodes Map.

So where do we end up from here in Midland/Odessa or even anywhere in the state of Texas? Australia? South Africa?

Those are the two places you would figure that we would end up from here but unfortunately digging straight down from anywhere in Texas would put you in the middle of the Indian Ocean between Australia and Madagascar off the African coast.

In fact, it turns out that anywhere in the continental United States puts you in the Indian Ocean between Australia and Africa. Only Hawaiian people would end up on land and someone from Honolulu would end up in South Africa in Namibia.

So if anyone in the continental U.S. dug through the earth they would end up draining the Indian Ocean.



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