Word on the interwebs is that Warner Bros. is looking to build off the massive success of Joker by not only making a sequel, but also by letting its director, Todd Phillips, make more dark origin story movies for DC Comics characters. Reportedly, Phillips wanted a “portfolio of DC characters' origin stories,” and wound up with “at least one other DC story” to work on.

Presumably we’ll hear more about Phillips’ projects in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, this news got us imagining the possible DC villains that could realistically headline their own solo film. Rather than just make a bunch of jokes about the terrible DC characters Phillips might pick — What’s up Rainbow Raider? — we thought we’d actually consider the idea more seriously, with a list of five of the DC baddies most qualified for their own movies. In no particular order, they are...

Gallery — Actors Who’ve Appeared in Marvel and DC Movies:

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