The folks in Andrews are coming together to show their support and do battle, for the teens of their city.

The event organizers named the event: People Rally for Andrews Youth - P.R.A.Y.

The organizers are doing their warfare in the spiritual, gathering to pray for the youth of Andrews; this after the murder of a young teen over a botched drug deal. The young person died for $100.

'Texas Believers don't lay down and take it when their young are slaughtered and when their towns are ravaged by drugs. We stand. We pray. We arise. We banish.' - Brant Fricker

They are deadly serious, carrying our the mandate of their LORD to gather together and pray for a solution to the drugs and violence that are becoming more of a blight in our communities. Organizers invite anyone who wishes, to come and gather with them, to pray tonight at the Andrews Courthouse.