Over the past few weeks I've been taking an inventory of things that I am thankful for. Today, I am thankful for...


Yes, hope has been misused as a political slogan. What was touted as 'hope', turned out to be a disaster. Maybe a year from now we will have learned our lesson. I HOPE SO.

Hope is something we humans need; as much as we need air and water. We need to know that there is a reason that we endure the hardships of life, of loss and illness. We need to believe that in the end it will all have meaning, have a good purpose.

There are some of us who dread the Holiday Season. Not because of the lines, the lights or the fights. We dread it, because even with all everyone's celebrating, some of us still feel a sadness, a weight of loss. Maybe you lost a loved one, a friend over the holidays and they have never had the sparkle they once had. Perhaps you or a loved one have been dealing with a life-threatening illness or pain. Know this, you are not alone and there is HOPE!

When we hope, we are extending something that is based on faith. It is tangible, powerful and life-changing. Life would not exist without, hope. Here is what needs to happen for this power to change your outlook: Change your mind.

Yes, make a decision that today, you will have HOPE. You WILL MAKE IT THROUGH whatever has been challenging you! There will be joy and happiness in your life again! TODAY, you will make a conscience decision to change your mind and demand, hope!

TODAY, you will remember all the blessings in your life. Today you will remember the times GOD brought you through. You will remember that things always seemed darkest before you had a breakthrough. Don't give up!

I hope today will be the day you begin to have HOPE again!