If you're celebrating a birthday today, August 13th, here are the celebrities that share your birthday!

Lennon Stella is 16.  She plays Rayna's talented older daughter Maddie on 'Nashville'.

(Her sister Maisy also plays her little sister Daphne on the show.  Here's a short clip from "Nashville", and here's a video of the girls performing at the Grand Ole Opry.)

Corey Fogelmanis is 16. Your kids know him as Farkle Minkus on 'Girl Meets World'.

Sebastian Stan is 33. The Winter Soldier in the second 'Captain America'.

SPOILER ALERT:  Stick around after the end of the 'Ant-Man' credits for a little update on his story.

Country singer Andy Griggs is 42. 'Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man'.

John Slattery is 53.  Rodger Sterling on 'Mad Men'.

Danny Bonaduce is 56.

Kevin Tighe is 71.  Was John Locke's father on 'Lost'. Those of you who are a little older may remember Kevin as the owner of the Double Deuce bar in 'Road House'. The eldest among you may remember him as Roy DeSoto from the '70s series 'Emergency'.

Jocelyn Elders is 82. Ex-Surgeon General.

Pat Harrington is 86.  Schneider on 'One Day at a Time'.

Fidel Castro is 89.  Nearly dead dictator.

Alfred Hitchcock  (1899 - 1980)

Bert Lahr - (1895 - 1967)  The Cowardly Lion in 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Dan Fogelberg  (1951 - 2007)  Biggest hit:  1980's 'Longer'.

Don Ho  (1930 - 2007)  'Tiny Bubbles'.