Odessa Crime Stoppers is working to catch the suspects wanted for the credit card abuse. The suspects pictured here are allegedly behind several thefts.

Cloned credit card cases are sweeping Midland and Odessa. Odessa Crime Stoppers is working to catch the suspects wanted for the credit card abuse. Three men walked into Albertson's and use the cloned credit cards to buy nearly $600 worth of gift cards.

'One of them wouldn't go through and so the loss prevention guy with Albertson's actually was able to walk over and start up a conversation with one of these individuals', said Susan Rogers with Odessa Crimestoppers. 'At which point the guy basically pushes the loss prevention guy out of the way and runs out the door.'

They took off in a red Chevy truck and although the license plate was visible, it came up no good, which means it could have been a stolen vehicle or just not registered.

"It's been happening for several months," Rogers said. "We've run some things on it before but we haven't had this clear of photos of them. So we're really hoping someone from the public will step up to the plate and give us a call and tell us who these guys are."

Credit card cloning happens when a card is duplicated and used just like a normal card. So you could still be in possession of your card but some criminal out there could have the exact same one.

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'One of the things you could do to help protect yourself is to check your accounts', said Rogers. 'Go online and check your accounts and if anything looks odd on there, even if it's a small amount, because sometimes, they'll try to charge a small amount to see if that goes through and when that goes through, they'll start putting large amounts on there.'

Rogers also suggests to be very careful with the charge card and check those balances often. If you have any information on these three men, call Odessa Crimestoppers at 432-333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and you may receive a cash reward.

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