With the booming economy and the influx of people, bad elements are preying on the good nature of West Texans.

Law enforcement is telling drivers to be cautious when traveling around the area because of incidents involving robbers posing as stranded motorists. The roadside robbers were spotted twice recently in Irion county near Big Lake. Authorities say two female suspects described as Hispanic are posing as drivers in need on the side of the road. When someone stops to help, another man steps out and robs the good Samaritans.

San Angelo Police say the two incidents involved a small, red passenger car pulled over on the side of the road and the motorists flag people down for help.

I have a really low opinion of this type of scum, preying on other people's good nature, but it's the world we live in now. What should you do then?

First of all, trust your gut; if a situation seems strange of suspicious, drive on. There have been incidents where the person offering to help was murdered by the people they stopped to assist. If you look on the back of your Texas driver's license, you'll see a number to report a stranded motorist: 800-525-5555. Have your passenger call or pull off the road and make the call.

If you choose to help, practice situational awareness. This basically means that your head is on a swivel and you're aware of what's going on around you at every instant; not being distracted and not burying your head in the engine under the hood. Watch other's mannerisms, reactions and if your 'spidey-sence' goes off, get the heck out of there and call law enforcement.

Michael Bane with the Outdoor Channel's 'The Best Defense', did a video about what can happen during this type of incident:

If you have any information about the suspects, please contact the Irion County Sheriff’s Department at 325-835-2551.

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