Did you know that there is a one hundred year old bank hidden in the Piney Woods of East Texas?

Expedition Texas visited the small town of Ben Wheeler, TX and explored the history of the First State Bank of Ben Wheeler with Developer Brooks Gremmels. He goes on to explain that the town received its name from the postman who helped settle it.

He goes on to say that once you have a post office, shortly after you need a bank when building a town, and that the First State Bank of Ben Wheeler has been in business for more than a century. Through its history the bank has evolved and moved into newer facilities, but the original bank building is still standing - though not in it's original location.

The bank is hidden in the woods. In such a state that it would be too expensive to relocate and renovate, but is still standing in the Piney Woods of East Texas. The building has been used as a barn, and left to return to nature.


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