October 2nd, 1835 holds an important place in Texas history.

October 2, 1835

The first battle of the Texas Revolution is fought at Gonzales. Mexican troops came to retrieve a cannon that had been loaned to the settlers for their defense. The attempt was repulsed. One of the ladies had made a flag with a cannon on it and the words 'COME AND TAKE IT.'

If you're wondering where the picture was taken, it currently resides in the Ashley Furniture Homestore 'Hangout Lounge' here at the 97.9 LITE FM - Townsquare Media Studios.

When we began remodeling the room, each employee was tasked with painting a ceiling tile with something that reflected their interests. Being a Texan, and all the attitude that goes along with that, I decided to paint the Gonzales Flag on my ceiling tile. Whenever our corporate bigwigs come in from Connecticut, they always ask what 'Come and Take It' means. Every time, I give them a lesson in Texas history.

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