It's finally starting to get warmer in the state of Texas, and that means one thing: trips to beaches! It's always fun when the temperature is just right and you're looking out across the water in Texas. We can imagine it right now to be honest.

But as with all Texas beaches during the summer, you won't be the only ones taking in the joys of the water. There will also be many animals in the ocean that will be swimming around in their natural habitat. Now thankfully some will simply let us swim around with them without incident.

But there's still reason to be cautious in case you see a creature you are unfamiliar with. So if you're going to the beach this year in Texas and spot this blue animal on the beach, it's in your best interest to keep a safe distance!

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The Glaucus Atlanticus And How It Can Harm You

This little blue creature seen here in a video from the New York Times can really harm you:

Texas Monthly goes into additional details about the creature. While it might cause some intrigue after seeing it for potentially the first time, the sting from it could cause you to go right to the hospital, even the potential for an individual for passing away due to the sting.

How is so powerful you ask? Well, it's favorite food is none than the Portuguese Man O' War. Yes, it eats these:

Aaron Savage/Canva
Aaron Savage/Canva

So while walking on Texas beaches this year, remember to watch where you're walking!

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