Buzz Question- So I went to a party that my wife and I were invited to. Well, at the last moment my wife didn't feel like going and said YOU JUST GO. I told her didn't want to go without her and she insisted I go for a while. So I did. Well, cut to a day later and one of her friends there told my wife that my EX was at the party. My wife asked me about it and YES she was but I didn't talk to her. Well, she said I SHOULD HAVE LEFT as soon as I saw her there because my wife wasn't with me. Really? I was in the wrong?


You didn't invite the EX and it wasn't your party SO it's not your problem. The only problem you apparently have is your WIFE!

Yep, the DOG HOUSE is your house now!

Ridiculous! So you have to keep TABS on whether your EX is going to be at certain things so you don't go to the same events.

You should probably be worried about the FRIEND who told your wife about your EX being at the party! Why is she stirring your marriage up?

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