Why did I not know this until recently? I got my license when I was 16, literally....well nevermind it doesn't matter how many years ago it was but the point is no one ever bothered to tell me over the years that if I did this on my license, I could be breaking the law!

One of my family members was holding my license for me one day. Well as we all do, she took a quick look at it, more than likely to make fun of how awful it is. lol But then she said, 'you smiled in your picture?' To which I replied well I wasn't going to look mad or frustrated, what else was I supposed to do? She informed me that a couple of years back when she went to renew her driver's license, the person helping her said she was not allowed to smile. It's actually against the law!

Quick, look at your driver's license! Are you smiling? You better hope not or you're in the same boat I'm in. I guess technically it is not 100% enforced but if the person working at the DMV when you go 'follows the rules' you may be stuck with an unflattering license. Is there such a thing as a good driver's license photo anyway?  Maybe just a smirk or as Tyra Banks taught us, just 'smize.' (smile with your eyes)

By the way, the reason? Apparently, it has to do with facial recognition and the fact that we are all in a government database and it is easier and more effective to search said database if you remain 'expressionless.' Wow. So when it is time to renew your license and take a new photo, whatever you do, do not smile and say cheese!

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