No matter where you drive in Texas, it is a huge responsibility. You're behind the wheel, along with many other Texans and their families. So it is very important to pay attention while on Lone Star Roadways.

Unfortunately crashes do happen, due to various reasons. But with every crash, data is collected to see what the cause was. TxDOT used that data to report on factors caused crashes in the state of the previous year.

One form of driving that TxDOT revealed grew 10% in the previous year, and it should serve as a reminder to drivers across the state to remember to be more aware of their surroundings while behind the wheel.

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Distracted Driving On The Rise In Texas

According to TxDOT, data revealed that Distracted Driving crashes grew in 2022. So much so that data revealed that 1 out of 6 accidents in the state were caused by some form of a driver being distracted while on the roadways.

TxDOT went into further detail about the rise in accidents caused by this, stating that driving while distracted in Texas is against the law. Texas drivers could face fines of up to $200 for violations.

TxDOT also provided some pointers to help Texans on the roadway such as:

- Put your phone away, turn it off or use an app or phone settings to block texts and calls while driving.
- Tell friends, family and coworkers you won't respond to texts or calls while driving.

So remember, while driving in Texas, keep those eyes on the road, and not on the phone.

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