It is incredible how much technology has changed things in the past 20 years. Obviously, we can see that happen with social media and technology that we use on a daily basis. But I remember years ago when I was approaching my 16th birthday and how excited I was to get my driver's license. But if you were to do it all over again and had to complete the Texas driver's license test today, could you pass? 

Thinking back to when I had to pass the “written” driving test which is now on a computer I hate to admit that I did not pass the test my first time. It was embarrassing to me at the time, as I had to retake the test because I had not taken any driving classes at that time and I also chose to not read the book about driving that was available through the Department of Public Safety. But that is why I love that you can do a practice test online today to see if you could pass prior to taking the actual test. 

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How Many Questions Can You Get Wrong on the Texas DMV Test? 

If you want to try the Texas driver's license tests there are lots to choose from with all different levels of difficulty. There are easy, hard, and hardest test that you can try out. With the first practice test being offered you can miss 4 questions and still pass. You can also look at some of the defensive driving simulators that will put you in different hazardous conditions that way you know what to do if you face that situation when you are behind the wheel. 

Let’s See How You Would Do on the Texas DMV Test 

Do you think you would get every question correct if you took the test right now? Let’s find out. 

Texas Practice Driver's License Test

You need to miss 4 or less to pass the test... can you do it?

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