If you were to ask all of your friends and family, people in your circle what their favorite food is, I'm guessing they would say pizza, hands down! I would definitely say that is how it is with my clan, myself included. Therefore we are always on the hunt, am I right? Who has the best pizza in the 432?

So I decided to compile a list, not according to me. I'm going with Yelp.com on this one, so don't shoot the messenger, there are actually a couple of places on this list I must try!


MD Pizza Factory-4706 N Midkiff Rd. I tried this many years ago and while I remember liking it, it's been way too long, I believe it is time to pay them a visit in the very near future.

Rays Italian Bistro-2300 W Wadley Ave. Suite D

Wow! Check out what Gloria from Ft. Worth has to say about Ray's:

This place is never a disappointment we're back again this is our third time this time I brought my husband the The weights won't disappoint at all I promise!! Love this PLACE
Coming from Fort Worth, TX We will definitely come again!!!

Cane D'Oro Pizza-food truck-tried it, love it, tried it again still awesome, ready for more! lol

Luigi's Italian Restaurant-111 N Big Spring St.-I can honestly say I have never tried pizza at Luigi's because I'm too busy trying the rest of the menu. Great food at Luigi's they are a staple in this area, with good reason

Pi Social-203 W Wall St. Suite 104-I hear nothing but great things about Pi Social and it is such an excellent location! Several Yelp reviews call it 'hip and modern.'


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