Today is National BBQ Day and I am sorry (not sorry) but I have to say hands down the best barbecue comes from right here in Texas. We all have our personal favorites but the people have spoken. I decided to go online to find out what the fine folks of Midland-Odessa say is their favorite barbecue right here in the 432. 



Juan says The Rose-they are located at 4740 W University Blvd in Odessa and are open Monday-Friday from 11 am-8 pm.

The Rose Bar-B-Q calls themselves:

The small place with a big taste.

Keo, Charles and Ana on Facebook say Brantley Creek BBQ & Co.-I personally happen to know how amazing this BBQ is. It is a food truck that sells out quickly, so get there early! They also cater. Visit their website for location of where they set up, menu and hours of operation.

Tray Full of Texas Style Barbecue

Vincent on B93 Facebook says KD's Bar-BQ-Yes. Who doesn't love KD's? Located at 3109 Garden City Hwy in Midland. You can get meat in bulk, a brisket, sausage or rib plate and of course a yummy bbq sandwich. Check out their website for the menu. 

Bbq brisket sandwich

Gavino and Denise both say Tanks BBQ & Catering-located at 401 East Scharbauer Dr. in Midland-I am all about a chopped brisket sandwich from Tanks and the loaded fries are to die for. Check out their Facebook for photos and hours of operation.

grilling steaks on flaming grill and shot with selective focus

In case you're in the mood for bbq, you're welcome. Our B93 listeners rock with all of these fabulous suggestions on this National BBQ Day!

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