I turn 40-something today and I have plans to make it a great birthday! Other folks my age, not so much.

A friend of mine has their birthday on the same day I do, but they just don't seem to be as excited about it:

I turn 29 in two weeks, and it's the first year that I haven't wanted to celebrate my birthday in the slightest.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm inching closer and closer to 30. Or maybe it's just that birthdays aren't a big deal anymore. I used to love getting phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages from people wishing me a happy birthday. Now, I hope I don't get any of that, because it just affirms I'm getting older. I don't even want to have a birthday party, but my friends are making me. Am I odd? - Gary

When you're younger, you can contemplate you navel like this, but as I get older, I realize every year is a gift from GOD. Whether it brings good times or bad times, I'm still kicking and things can only get better!

Thanks to my friend Gwen who made me her famous 'Who Hash' for my birthday-breakfast this morning!