It was my birthday weekend so my wife's spirited me off to San Antonio. One of our traditions is to have breakfast at a local deli named Schilo's and here's why you should put it on your San Antonio bucket list.

We discovered Schilo's (pronounced she'lows) a few years ago on to trip to San Antonio and we stopped in for a bite to eat after a long day on the Riverwalk. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere has made it one of my favorite places to visit ever since.

Schilo's has been a fixture in that part of the state since the mid-1800's and had originally started out as a saloon!

They feature traditional German fair for breakfast including bratwurst and potato pancakes. Of course you can get your regular bacon & eggs there to, but I would recommend trying out there great selection of German sausage and brauts.

But it's not really the great food and service that keeps me coming back to Schilo's, it's the root beer. Yes I said the root beer which is made fresh daily right there in Schilo's! I have been known to drink an entire pitcher of the stuff in one sitting!

Just a heads up, get there early Saturday morning to get a good seat for breakfast. You won't be able to get a good seat on Sunday because sadly, they are closed.

I hope you get to stop by Schilo's on your next trip to San Antonio,, because I know that you will make it a 'must do' on every trip after that!