Today is April 22nd, and if your are curious, here are some of the more interesting things that happened on this day.

150 years ago:  In 1864, Congress authorized the use of the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" on U.S. coins.

48 years ago : In 1966, "Wild Thing", by the British band THE TROGGS, was released in the U.S.  That's the theme song of the rebellious pitcher Charlie Sheen played in the "Major League" movies.

45 years ago: In 1969, for some reason, JOHN LENNON legally changed his middle name . . . from John Winston Lennon to JOHN ONO LENNON.

44 years ago :  In 1970, the first EARTH DAY was celebrated.

38 years ago: In 1976, BARBARA WALTERS became network TV's FIRST ANCHOR WOMAN when she signed on to co-anchor the "ABC Evening News" with Harry Reasoner for $1 million a year.

1976: The KISS album "Destroyer", with "Detroit Rock City""Shout It Out Loud", AND the Peter Criss ballad "Beth", wentGold.  It hit Platinum in November of '76.

36 years ago: In 1978, JOHN BELUSHI and DAN AYKROYD first appeared as THE BLUES BROTHERS on "Saturday Night Live".

33 years ago: In 1981, ERIC CLAPTON was hospitalized after a car accident in Seattle, Washington.  Thankfully, he only suffered "bruised ribs and a lacerated chin."

20 years ago:  In 1994, RICHARD NIXON died of a stroke at the age of 82.

1998: Madonna's album "Ray of Light", featuring "Frozen""Ray of Light" and "The Power Of Goodbye", was certified GoldPlatinum and Double Platinum.  It went Quadruple Platinum in March of 2000.

14 years ago: In 2000, following the orders of gorgeous Attorney General JANET RENO, federal agents raided the home where ELIAN GONZALEZ was hiding, and reunited the boy with his father.

12 years ago: In 2002, "Deep Throat" star LINDA LOVELACE died from injuries she suffered in an April 3rd car crash.  She was only 53.