Hoo boy, Katharine McPhee is serving the tea hot today.

In a tweet on Tuesday (August 28) encouraging her fans to register for the upcoming midterm elections, the former American Idol contestant threw some decidedly unsubtle shade at her fellow competitor Taylor Hicks, who beat her in the final two to win the show's fifth season all the way back in 2006.

"voting matters," she wrote alongside an upside down smiley face, a photo of her and Hicks when he found out he won, and a link to register to vote.

Twitter, understandably, was quaking.

"Ooo girl you just singed my eyebrows off...." replied comedian Kathy Griffin, while another follower merely shared a photo reading: "We liked, retweeted, and stan."

According to Buzzfeed, that season had the highest ratings of any American Idol season to date, and there were a whopping 63.4 million votes cast to determine the winner. Let's keep in mind Hicks hasn't released an album since 2009's The Distance, while McPhee put out I Fall In Love Too Easy just last year. And if we're judging whose Twitter game is stronger...I think it's clear who the real winner is here.

See McPhee's tweet below.

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