Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson are going to be the stars of The Voice this season.

A two-minute promo for Season 15 of the reality singing competition finds the gal pals bonding as they gush over wanting to be on each other's teams, instead of competing.

"I want to be on your team, I get it, I get it," Clarkson says of Hudson while talking to another contestant.

Hudson seems to feel the same way, telling the original American Idol winner: "I want to be on your team too!"

Then, Blake Shelton jumps in.

"For God's sake, this is not a slumber party. It's The Voice!" he interjects to laughter from the Los Angeles studio audience.

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Clarkson and Hudson can't seem to get enough of each other! "It's great working with Jennifer," Clarkson admits. "And it's always great working with the guys."

Fellow coach Adam Levine says the relationship between Clarkson and Hudson adds another dimension to the show. The upcoming season of The Voice will return on Sept. 24 on NBC. No one understands the value of winning a singing competition more than Clarkson and Hudson, who rose to fame following their appearances on American Idol.

"To come from being a contestant and like that, become a coach and I get to help change somebody's life?" Hudson reflects. "Nobody knows more than us how life-changing this really is."

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