Well, the Atlanta Braves won their first world championship in 26 years this week, so can the Dallas Cowboys take that good juju and win their first Super Bowl in 26 years?

There were a couple of similarities in this year's World Series and the last one Atlanta won in 1995.

First, Atlanta was in first place in the NL East both in 1995 and 2021. Second, Atlanta won the series 4-2 both seasons.

OK, that's about the end of the comparisons. Atlanta played Cleveland in 1995 and the Astros in 2021 and the Astros were actually in the National League with the Braves back in 1995 before moving into the American League in 2013.

So to capture that good juju from the Atlanta Braves repeating their championship from 1995, I will be wearing an Atlanta Braves t-shirt when watching Cowboys games for the rest of the year and if you are a good superstitious Cowboys fan, you should too.

So far things are going good for the Cowboys, even with Dak Prescott out with a calf injury last week. His backup QB Cooper Rush had an excellent game against the Minnesota Vikings going 9 for 16 with 224 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT. Not bad stats for a backup quarterback that didn't know he was the starter till moments before kickoff.

Now he had taken all the first-string snaps in practice the week before so it was not like he was thrown to the wolves in the game, he did have some preparation beforehand.

So get ready this weekend for a Super Bowl 12 rematch as the Denver Broncos travel to Arlington this Sunday.

Ironically, the last time Dallas won against Denver was back in 1995 and the game was in Dallas, so this week is the week you need to get that Atlanta Braves t-shirt and wear it with pride to cheer the Cowboys to Super Bowl 56. By the way, the score in 1995 was 31-21.

Also back in 1995, the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship and they won it this past summer as well, you might want to get a Milwaukee Bucks shirt also and wear that under the Atlanta Braves shirt. (Just sayin')


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