If you have ever been driving to Dallas from Midland/Odessa and you pass through Eastland, on the right side of the interstate is something that is very Texas, a cattle auction exchange and restaurant all in one place.

The place is definitely a one-of-a-kind and definitely all Texas, and is just 50 miles east of Abilene.

On the Texas Cattle Exchange website, they say they are "a premier livestock marketing facility focused on providing quality service and customer satisfaction."

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The steak house also gets rave reviews from Google.

My friends and I have joked that you can go to the auction yard out back and pick your cow or steer and have it on your dinner plate kinda like you would choose a lobster out of the tank at Red Lobster, but that is NOT the case at all. It's just buddies traveling down the highway garnishing up a laugh from the buddies we are traveling with.

I do not know much about the place because we usually never stop for dinner or lunch on the way to Dallas, but reading the reviews of the steak and how tender and well seasoned it is, it is definitely on the list of things to stop and try the next time I am going to the Metroplex.

The website Restaurantji has pictures of the inside of the restaurant and pictures of the menu for you to check out like me and put it on your "stop and eat" list the next time you are in Eastland, Texas.


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