It feels like I say this every single day, but we truly are fortunate to live in the great state of Texas. It’s beautiful here, there is amazing food options, and there is a lot to do. It can be easy to overlook because we live here but if you’re ever craving a road trip there are so many fun destinations all over the state. Here is a look at just 22 of the most iconic landmarks across the state of Texas. 

Let me be the first to say, do not attempt to try and visit all of these destinations on one trip. You won’t have enough time to see everything, and you will end up more exhausted than when you first began the trip. Choose a part of the state that you want to visit then choose one or a few of these landmarks that you can see along the journey.  

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Do Your Research on Each Landmark 

Each of the landmarks that are mentioned below have something special about them. But some of them you will be able to see in just a few minutes others you will want to spend multiple hours visiting. Make sure you know what to expect prior to arrival, for example Jacob’s Well is a popular landmark but currently no one is allowed to go swimming there. I’m sure there will be a time that people can swim there again but do your research that way you aren’t disappointed upon arrival. 

Let’s Look at the 22 Iconic Landmarks 

The good people at Destguides created a huge list of landmarks but I wanted to add to their list so let’s look at some of the most iconic landmarks across the state of Texas. 

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