Apps That Will Make Your Holidays Better!
Chances are that you won't be separated from your smart phone this weekend, especially when Uncle Joe starts describing his gout symptoms in all their nauseating detail. Here are a few apps that will make the holiday more bearable!
The Best Ways to Celebrate Pi Day
Hey guys -- it's March 14! 3.14! Pi Day (approximately)! If you still haven't figured out how you were going to celebrate, don't worry -- we're here to help you. Here are just a few things you can do to celebrate Pi Day!
Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Holidays, Finals, and More
It's that time of the week for the best gifs of the week! Here's your week in awesome gifs for that awesome week of yours, well, awesome for some people. If you're a student right now, this week is filled with some soul-crushing studying. But if you're not a student, this week is…
Protect Yourself From ‘Porch Theft’
It turns out that there are Grinches out there who would like to ruin Christmas by taking delivered packages off people’s front porches. One billion packages will be delivered in the United States this holiday season.