A woman on Reddit has returned all of her Christmas presents.

In her post, she begins by saying that this is the first time that she has decided to return gifts in her entire life.

"I should say that yes I am extremely grateful for what I received this year as i have been all the times before but I have gotten to a point where I just really don’t like what I received and I’m finally capable of doing something about it. I don’t understand why I am asked for a Christmas list when it’s not going to be followed," she prefaced.

The Reddit user goes on to reveal that she insisted that she did not want anything this year, but was open tor getting gift cards and coloring books.

"I even listed clothing sizes as generally my family will ask for it regardless of whether I wanted clothes or not. In the end as it happens every year, I received clothing items that were too large to fit and items that seemed to be a re-gift or far too cute for my liking to wear out in public. I gave my thanks and all the hugs but it just feels thoughtless," she shared.

"I made sure that the people I gave received items I knew they liked, asked for, or needed so why could the same not be done? That’s why I have decided to go ahead and do some returns to get things that I would like but I am having some guilt about doing so," the woman concluded her post before asking if she is wrong for retuning the items that she received.

People in the comments section agreed that she was not wrong for returning the items.

"NTA- nothing wrong with exchanging them for something that you will use/wear. Sounds like you thanked people appropriately," one person said.

"You are nta. I always gift what the person would like, not what I would like but a lot of people think they need to like what they're giving... If they ask for a list they should be able to stick to the list or deviate slightly if they care about the gift, at least get the right size!" another person shared.

"NTA, and I don’t think anyone was accusing you of being TA," someone else said.

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