A woman on Reddit is sharing how a gift on Christmas led her to leave the dinner that night.

The woman begins her story by sharing that she visits her in-laws every Christmas since her parents passed away. She goes on to say that her partner, daughter and stepchildren all get nice gifts during the gift exchange. But the woman got a gift that was less than pleasing this year.

"The gift is a voucher for a petrol station and a pound shop (where you buy cleaning products, cheap tacky goods and coal) And it's intended for me to buy petrol and a bag of coal," she said.

"It is quite often the only gift I get at Christmas and it makes me feel like I'm not wanted there at all... apparently it was my partners idea when my MIL asked him what I wanted for Christmas 3yrs ago," the Reddit user continued.

"After looking around at the mountain of beautiful normal gifts every single other person there gets including other in laws I tried to talk to my partner and my MIL both barked at me how I should be grateful for such a useful gift and I just had enough and decided to leave. My daughter who is recovering from being sick decided to come with me at that point so we left and went home leaving the gift behind. I got messages when I was on the way home saying I've ruined Christmas," she furthered.

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She then asked other Reddit users to see if she was in the wrong in this situation and many people in the comments section agreed that she was right in leaving.

"NTA. But stop getting upset over it. You're just delighting her. Throw the gift away, but never let her see you get upset. That's what she wants," a Reddit user said.

"Obviously you're NTA and you didn't 'ruin Christmas'. If anyone asks you directly, feel free to tell them what the situation is, briefly and unemotively," another user shared.

"NTA you need to have a serious talk with your partner because clearly they aren't respecting your feelings at all," someone else answered.

"I was raised to believe a naughty child got coal in their stocking for Christmas. NTA," read another comment.

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