Last night we offically started on the American Idol voting journey and I'm so happy America can finally vote. The girls performed last night and only five, yes five will go on! Here are my favorites and hopfully they will all get voted through see if you agree!

Angie Miller - Angie is one of the most talented contestants this year, she's an amazing singer and also plays the piano!

Candice Glover - Candice is one of the most "soulful" singers and I think she's outstanding! I would buy her album in a heartbeat!

Kree Harrison - This young lady is a class act and a true country star! I loved Kree's performance of "Stronger" and I'm sure that she will be in the top five this year!

Amber Holcomb - Amber might just be the next "Whitney," she is young but her voice is powerful! I hope she gets voted through!

Janelle Arthur - Janelle is a pure country singer, she know what country song to sing and she does a stunning job!

Do you agree? Tonight the guys take the stage, I'm not to execited  for the guys this year but you never know maybe there is a diamond in the rough!