Well, part of himself. You know those tiny shots that go into movies, of feet or the backs of heads of hands holding things? Sometimes actors just don’t feel like doing them. That’s when someone like a director steps in, to get in those quick second-long shots that are probably boring for those people who spend their careers on-camera, but tons of fun for anyone who doesn’t. Apparently Zack Snyder has a tiny cameo in Batman v. Superman that wasn’t even his entire body.

Snyder’s cinematographer Larry Fong revealed that during the scene in the fight club when Bruce Wayne is investigating Superman, it’s Snyder’s hands you see in the shot when Bruce checks his phone.

Why’d that happen? Sometimes, Fong says, actors just don’t want to do shots like that.

A lot of the time, actors will use stand-ins for little shots like this because they’d rather spend their time filming scenes where they can actually be seen. And Snyder’s hands probably look similar enough to Ben Affleck’s for an audience to never be able to tell the difference. He probably couldn’t pull a trick like this with Wonder Woman’s hands though.

And in that (pretty cool) shot of Superman’s face being illuminated by the Batmobile’s headlights? Snyder’s handiwork yet again.

This doesn’t really add much to the experience of watching the movie, but it’s fun trivia to have in the back of your mind. I know from making short student films in school that sometimes it was the behind-the-scenes stuff that was the most fun to talk about.

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