Actress Eva Amurri Martino (Californication, Undateable) has revealed in a New Year's Day blog post that she is suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD after an accident involving her infant son shortly after Thanksgiving.

In a post titled "The Struggle Is Real" on her personal site HappilyEvaAfter, Martino writes that her night nurse dropped her infant son, Major (born Oct. 2016), on his head after she had accidentally fallen asleep. She and her husband, NBC Sports announcer Kyle Martino, woke up to the sound of their baby hitting the floor and immediately called an ambulance to rush Major to the hospital.

Luckily for everyone, she reveals that while Major had a fracture and suffered from some brain displacement, MRI's showed no brain damage, no spinal injuries, and no broken bones. "He has been healing well, hitting milestones, cooing, smiling, and generally showing us that he is and will be ok as he grows and develops," she writes.

The ordeal, however, has taken an emotional toll on Martino. "Hearing Major cry hard immediately triggers my memories of the moments after the accident and instigates an immediate panic attack– my heart races and tears spring to my eyes," she admits. "Sometimes I get dizzy spells. I feel nauseous and overwhelmed and even small discomforts he has make me anxious. My appetite has decreased to nothing, I have a hard time getting to sleep after night time feedings, and my milk supply goes up and down depending on the stresses of the day."

"My instinct tells me that I have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, possibly linked to some form of Postpartum Depression," Martino confesses. "I’m going to focus on working with a therapist who can help me find better coping mechanisms than what I can come up with on my own, and who will hopefully help me understand a way forward. I have somehow retained a lot of optimism and humor through these challenges, and there have been many moments in the past month where I have found silver linings in the day– but the storm under the surface has been brewing to a point that I can no longer ignore."

Martino is the daughter of Italian director Franco Amurri and Susan Sarandon. In addition to her son Major, she also has a two-year old daughter named Marlowe Mae.

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