I've read dozens of articles about bizarre Goodwill findings. From urns of ashes to purses with drugs in them, sometimes you find the last thing you are looking for when you hit up your local Goodwill Store. The stores are busy, and I can understand how some weird things might slip through the cracks during the sorting process, but TikTok user @marcymayland came across something pretty hilarious on sale for $5 that had no business being there.

It definitely belonged in the trash.

Right below the video, she posted:

"To tell you I was crying and almost peeing my pants of laughter from this would be an understatement. Goodwill, you really got me on that one! #goodwill #pricegouging"

You'll never guess what it was. Check out the video below:

That's right folks. Her local Goodwill store slapped a $5 price tag on an empty, recyclable, plastic box from the grocery store that once held some spring mix. Ha! Holy moly. That's a good one.

What on earth were they thinking? Did someone actually look at this garbage and say "Sure, $5 sounds reasonable."? Or was someone in the back just too lazy to throw it in the trash or recycling bin? Whatever the case, it's hilarious.

Lots of people in the comments were talking about the crazy price gouging that goes on at Goodwill. I'd never really given it much thought. In fact, my aunt told me to always negotiate with them at the counter. If something has a price tag of $50 and definitely isn't worth it, I'll offer $25 and see what happens. Sometimes it works.

Here are some of the comments below the video that I found the most amusing:

"I don't even think it's $5 when it's full."

"It's the fact that they actually priced it."

"With salad, it's only $3 at Kroger."

"It's most likely a tax scam, right? If they don't sell it, it's a $5 loss?"

"I used to buy my husband's work jeans there. Now I just got to Ross because they are cheaper than Goodwill."

"Somebody gotta be in the back playing"

If that made you chuckle today, you might enjoy this random list of haunted and weird things I found on our local Craiglist page a while back. Check them out here.

Happy thrifting!

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