With all the focus on blasting off briefly into space thanks to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson and their companies that send regular citizens to space, would you be interested if you had the millions of dollars it would take to make the brief trip to weightlessness and back?

I am slightly intrigued by the concept that I could see the earth from several miles up in space and if I had the funds or if someone offered to pay for me to go to space, I would more than likely do it.

Now going further and landing on the moon or being on a trip to Mars, I will take a hard pass on that one.

That would take months of training and conditioning and if anything goes wrong, you are dead.

So count me out on the trips to the moon and Mars, I am content with being here on the earth and not possibly dying of suffocation because there is not the right kind of air on Mars for me to breathe in.

But the trip for a brief 11 minutes to go up and feel weightlessness and come back would be something I could see myself doing.

Kinda like that roller coaster ride that you go on at Six Flags only several miles up in space.

So if the price ever comes down to a nice fare like Southwest Airlines' "Wanna Get Away" fares, then sign me up for a chance to blast up in space for a few minutes and come back.

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