With the lack of workers in the food supply industry, grocers and restaurants are feeling the pinch of supply issues.

According to CBS 7, a lot of people in the food industry are struggling to keep up with demand at grocery stores and restaurants.

Susie's Asian Grocery Store & Deli is one of those businesses dealing with a limited supply of her most popular products.

“I usually get my product 10 pallets in a month or sometimes three weeks depends on the sales. But then, now this last month I only got 5.5 meaning one and a half pallets,” said Susana Hines, Owner of Susie’s Asian Grocery Store & Deli.

Most of the items she orders come from overseas suppliers which has been causing a problem since February.

Every month it is a different issue because she doesn't know which items she needs will be unavailable.

“It’s very very hard for us because I want my customers to be happy, but I can’t give them now, not like before,” said Hines.

Hines has been told that the shortage in labor, commodities, and transportation is what is causing the problems with getting products.

Hines says that because of the shortages, she has had to increase her prices to her customers.

“We have to raise up a little bit, to pay our bills and to tell you the truth we’re not really earning money right now because the taxes is up. Everything is up,” said Hines.

She is now having to prepare for the holidays by substituting items to be ready for the demand.


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