If someone asked you if you wanted a bubble tea would you know what they were talking about? I asked a couple of friends before typing this article and one said 'you mean boba?' And the other puzzled, said, 'what's that?' Up until a few years ago I was the same way, had never even heard of bubble tea but today is a very different story. I crave it! And it is not unusual to see the younger generation walking around with a bubble tea drink in hand like I used to drink soda back in the day. 

You can bet that on the aye aye holiday, National Bubble Tea Day I will head to the nearest bubble tea spot in the 432 and take part in what may now be one of my favorite silly holidays.

But first for those that do not know, let me explain what bubble tea is. So the tea part is pretty self explanatory but the first word bubble comes from the little black-colored 'tapioca pearls' that you will find at the bottom of your bubble tea. They are so good, sweet, chewy tapioca pearls or balls or boba. You can call them whatever you want. The boba as I call them are made of tapioca starch. Just try a bubble tea, I know you will love it!


Presotea-Midland-4416 Briarwood Ave. Ste. 112 Odessa-633 E. 42nd st.

Pho House West County-Boba House-2421 N County Rd W Ste. C (Odessa)

Boba Cup 3760 Andrews Hwy. (Odessa)

Tasty 160 Pho & Boba Tea-4425 W. Wadley Ave. #160 (Midland)

So now that you know where to find this yummy bubble tea in Midland and in Odessa, let me throw a wrench at ya, my actual favorite way to enjoy boba? In a smoothie. Boom. Mic drop. Take my word for it and if any of these places offer a green apple smoothie with boba, try it. Life changing.

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