I know if you are a true Texan you always root for the Texas team, or at least this Texan does, but for the World Series, you now have to root for the Atlanta Braves.

The concept is pretty simple even though you may still feel like you are a traitor to your Texas roots, hear me out on this one.

Here is the concept: the last time the Atlanta Braves won the World Series was in October 1995, that following January, Dallas won its last Super Bowl.

So you are rooting against a Texas team to benefit the Cowboys, now that is only if you are superstitious of course, but even if you aren't superstitious it is still a fun fact to know.

The Dallas Cowboys are starting off the year with a 5-1 record and with the stats of Dak Prescott being player of the year quality this year, along with the great stats of Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard, and Trevon Diggs, the buzz is that Dallas could get to its first Super Bowl in over 25 years.

So let the superstitions begin and since it is the championship season for baseball, go Atlanta.

Other superstitions can get started too, like never washing that jersey you wear every Sunday, sitting in the same chair every game, having the same snacks every game, eating the same pizza from the same pizza place, crossing your fingers for every extra point or field goal attempt, and the list goes on and on.

But first, make sure you watch the World Series and root on the Atlanta Braves to victory, just don't let your Astros friends know.


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