A Twitch streamer recently went viral after being temporarily banned by the platform for "queefing for subs" in a live stream, as some critics called it.

Over the weekend, Twitch streamer ItsPinkie faced backlash after using the platform to show off her hidden talent: "queefing" on demand. Her subsequent ban stirred up controversy, with some arguing the ban should have been permanent while she, and others, claimed the ban was a sexist response.

Below, find out more about the social media personality and why she was temporarily banned from the streaming platform.

Who Is ItsPinkie?

ItsPinkie is an up-and-coming Twitch gamer and streamer. Along with her frequent Twitch live streams, she posts ASMR and gaming videos on her YouTube channel.

Her identity and age is unknown.

What Happened in ItsPinkie's 'Queefing' Video?

On March 26, ItsPinkie held a live stream on Twitch. When a viewer asked her to "queef" for the audience, which she previously had done in other live streams, she put her microphone near her genitals and "queefed" into the mic. A "queef," which sounds similar to a fart, is made by the vagina when air is taken in and released.

ItsPinkie's comedic streams are for viewers ages 18+.

Why Did Twitch Ban ItsPinkie?

ItsPinkie's live video, which was reportedly viewed by roughly 100 users at the time, seemingly violated community guidelines, although "queefing" is not mentioned in said guidelines. However, Twitch does state in the guidelines that a streamer should not draw attention to a certain specific body part, which could be one of the reasons why she was banned.

She was temporarily banned from the platform for three days. Her account has since been reinstated.

After the video went viral, she posted "queefing" videos on her OnlyFans account.

What Did ItsPinkie Say About Getting Banned?

On March 27, ItsPinkie posted a Twitter thread regarding her "queefing" controversy and temporary ban.

"People discussing if my queef is deserving of a perma ban [permanent ban] STILL," she tweeted. "It's like people think I p---y blast for content on twitch lmaooo imagine if I did that all stream!?!?!I gotta try that on Onlyfans... HahahaThat was the first time p---y blasting on stream in like a MONTH."

"I didn't queef to please the flatulence lovers, I queefed because my chat was talking about when I showed my talent off about a month or two ago and I wanted to show my new viewers," she explained.

"People are trying so hard to fight some kind of moral high ground over a queef video. It's really nothing more than a fun little joke that got blown up! I'm not sexualizing that queef, you are! If I said I sucked air into my a--hole instead, the response would so be different."

"I'm just gonna assume everyone who thinks my queef was not appropriate for my 18+ comedy streams, just can't help themselves but constantly fap and nut to queefing videos. They just keep sexualizing my queefs! only one reason someone would sexualize a fart. YOU DIRTY FART LOVERS!"

After being temporarily banned for "queefing," into her mic, she claimed the backlash to her video was sexist and noted that other popular male streamers, such as XQC, should face similar consequences for farting into their microphones.

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