If you are like me and have grown up in Midland, you know that the water has always been awful, but now we find out we are at the bottom of a national list of water quality.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the website Lawnstarter.com is the one that ranked all the places according to water quality and had Midland as number 192 out of 200 cities ranked.

Good news is there were two cities in Texas ranked below us which included Laredo at 194 and Grand Prairie at 195.

As far as consumer satisfaction, Midland came in last in that study as well as not scoring great on compliance or infrastructure vulnerability either.

More good news is that Midland ranked first with the lowest natural hazards risk.

Living in Midland all my life made me to where I cannot drink water because back when I was a kid, "reverse osmosis" water, which we depend on in Midland, was not available so if you were drinking water and making drinks with water, you had to use the tap water.

If you have not tasted Midland water before then you are unaware of the aftertaste the water leaves which is what made me turn to sodas like Dr. Pepper or Coca-Cola.

If you also know soda is not real good on your teeth either which means my dentist always found cavities in my appointments which ended up costing me thousands of dollars in dental bills.

So with all that said I hope Midland can find a way to get us better water quality and make our rankings go up.

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