A new poll asked people which decade had the WORST music. What decade would you pick?How does the music from the '70s stack up to the pop music of today?  Not very well apparently. According to a new music-themed poll by "60 Minutes" and "Vanity Fair", 42% said THIS decade had the worst music, followed by the 2000s, which had 15%.

When asked which band they would most like to go back in time and see live in their prime the respondents said: Buddy Holly & The Crickets (22%), Queen and The Jimmy Experience tied at (21%), The Doors (13%) and Nirvana (11%).

Finally, 49% of people said they MOST OFTEN LISTEN TO MUSIC ON THE RADIO.  17% regularly listen through a digital music service, 15% use an iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, 9% still use a CD player, and 6% listen through their computer. 1% of the respondents said they most frequently enjoy music on a record player.

That's why RADIO is still the KING! Live & Local for your listening pleasure!

Tell us your opinion: What Was The Best or Worst Decade for Music?

(60 Minutes/Vanity Fair)