After two years of Washington being just "Football Team" now that they are the Commanders, when will Dallas meet its long-time rival with its new team name?

Well the schedule for the NFL is not going to be released until the second week of May so we will have to wait until then to see when the first meeting of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders will be.

This is a rivalry that has lasted for the past seven decades but it is a new era of the rivalry now that one team has a new name.

I would personally like to see one of the games be the Thanksgiving Day game, not only is it a nationally televised game, but it is also an annual tradition of the Cowboys to play on Thanksgiving and who better to play than one of your biggest division rivals.

The Thanksgiving Day game should be the second game, the first game should be the first game of the regular season in my opinion. What better way to kick off the season than with the newly named Washington team playing the Cowboys.

The schedule was released on May 12 last year and on May 7 in 2020, so the schedule for this year should be sometime in that time frame.

The schedule used to be released in April right before the draft but for some reason, they have decided to release the schedule after the draft, I suppose to keep the focus on the draft.

So be on the lookout the second week of May to see when the first Cowboys/Commanders game will be.


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