If you finally got your taxes in today and are wondering what to do with that money you are getting back on your refund, here are some ideas.

  1. Go on a Great Vacation - For me, that would be a beach or someplace where it is warm. Others might want to get that last blast of winter and head somewhere north but whatever you do, make the best of it and have a great time. You have earned it!
  2. Put That Down Payment on that Dream Car - Maybe go electric and get yourself a Tesla, but if your refund doesn't get you something that good then just get a nice economical car or SUV to enjoy the vacations you are planning this summer.
  3. Put a Down Payment on an RV - Vacation is the theme here, make sure you enjoy that refund by enjoying some time on the road or maybe going to a great camping site.
  4. Pay Off Bills - Not as much fun as a vacation but if you get the bills paid off, then you will have extra money for that awesome vacation that you have been wanting to take.
  5. Go To an Expensive Restaurant You Have Been Wanting To Go To - Preferably at a nice vacation destination (I warned you this was the theme) but if not then a nice restaurant in Midland or Odessa and get that NY Strip or Porterhouse that you have never gotten because it was too expensive. Bottom line is, treat yourself to something you don't usually treat yourself to.

There are your ideas for the tax refund check you are getting, the key to it all is to have fun and treat yourself, especially after the past two years of COVID restrictions.


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