We all have our 'thing.' Our ailment that every now and then sneaks up you. Especially as you get older. Back pain for some, constantly having to visit the dentist or eye doctor for others, for me it is always leg cramps. No actually, tbh, leg, foot and toe cramps. Geez, what is wrong with me? lol

Can someone please tell me why these types of cramps hit at the worst possible times? It is not unusual for me to be awakened from a deep sleep, in the middle of the night by a horrendous leg cramp, wanting to scream but knowing full well I cannot or I will wake everyone in my home. Ugghh! These are the moments I need a quick fix for!

What can I grab in the kitchen that will relieve my pain stat? My mother always told me leg cramps meant I needed more potassium. Therefore she would have me eat lots of bananas. That might have worked for teenage, tennis playing me, but for adult me it is on a whole other level.

I've heard drink pickle juice, which as you can see I've drank all the juice out of the jar pretty much and it really doesn't help me. It might for others but not this girl. Then Leo actually mentioned that I should keep mustard packets next to my bed and this will help immediately. Is squirting a shot of mustard in my mouth out of the bottle the same thing? lol

Do you have any other remedies to help relieve leg cramps?

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