Christmastime is here and holiday traditions loom large, egg nog is flowing with whatever alcohol you want to spike it with (Malibu is my fave), but the favorite cocktail in Texas may surprise you.

According to Yummly, they ranked the favorite cocktails in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and the favorite in Texas was Milk Punch.

Milk Punch is a cocktail made from, you guessed it, milk along with heavy cream, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, vanilla, and bourbon.

Milk Punch has been traced back to Colonial America and Texans think it is a "tradition worth continuing."

I have never heard of Milk Punch but I am interested in trying it and seeing what it is all about. Since I love egg nog, I figure it should be about the same.

Not all states had holiday-themed cocktails, some states had cocktails we enjoy all year long.

Like Arizona's favorite holiday drink was a Bloody Mary, California's was a Tequila Sunrise, Colorado likes Whiskey Sours, Delaware's fave is a Mojito, Maryland likes Cosmopolitans for the holidays, and Illinois enjoys a good Amaretto Sour for the holidays.

But a lot of states love holiday-themed cocktails like Hot Chocolate and Kahlua for Alabama, Peppermint Vodka for Hawaii, White Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cocktail in North Dakota, Jingle Juice for Ohio, Hot Buttered Rum in Oregon, and Wassail in Utah.

So whether you like a good Christmas traditional cocktail or a year-round cocktail, just enjoy your favorite beverage at home with friends or make sure you have a designated driver so everyone gets home for Christmas this year.



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