Marion Dayre, the head writer behind Marvel’s upcoming Echo series, has announced that the show might be just a little late. Of course, everyone is eager for Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Five to begin. While a good few movies and series are running on schedule, others are experiencing some delays. When you have a giant cinematic universe, there’s really no way to guarantee that everything will always proceed according to plan.

Ever since Alaqua Cox first appeared as Echo in Hawkeye, Marvel fans have been eager to see more. Those familiar with the comics also know some very interesting elements of her story. She’s an adopted daughter of Kingpin, and she also shows up in Daredevil comics. She’s deaf and also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to combat.

The Echo series was initially announced with a tentative release date of the summer of 2023. But on Ben Blackers’ Writers' Panel podcast, Marion Dayre shared a few details about the show. It appears the series will not appear for about a year — which would put it somewhere in the fall or winter of 2023. She also explained that her time writing on Better Call Saul informed her workflow for Marvel. She said:

You do sort of a general overall break, and then we lay out some arcs, and then we go back in and brick by brick. There just simply was not enough time to do it that way. So it was sort of grabbing things from, like The Act, which was a limited series on Hulu, which we broke fairly quickly, so taking some of that, you know, laying out some tent poles that we more or less stuck with and shifting them around with the way that we did.

Hopefully we will see Echo on Disney+ in late 2023.

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