I have known about mini-horses and miniature pigs.  In fact, there are many varieties of "miniature" animals that have been domesticated in the United States. I never knew, however, that miniature cows were a thing.  It always seemed part of Texas culture that cows be as large as they could be, right?  Large cows, large steaks, more hamburger, I mean that's the whole object.

That's not true anymore.

People who know cows often talk about how incredible cows are as pets.  Cows can be very affectionate. There are many studies that show "cow cuddling" is very therapeutic. In some large cities, people pay up to $100 an hour to cuddle cows. Of course, cuddling a full sized cow or housing them as pets would be a huge challenge for most people.  This is why miniature cows are becoming so popular.

According to farmfromhome.com, Miniature cows are very affectionate and friendly pets. They only need about a half acre each to live comfortably.  They can produce milk and fertilizer for the family and they make great therapy animals.

Miniature cows come in three basic sizes.  The largest are midsize miniature cows which are 42-48 inches to the tip. Standard miniature cows are 36 to 42 inches to tip.  Then, there's the micro-mini cows which are less than 36 inches to the hip.

Almost every breed of "regular" sized cows also has a miniature version, including Texas Longhorns. The rarest breed of miniature cow is the Panda Cow.  They are only about 14 inches at birth and there are less than 100 of them alive in the world. Panda Miniature Panda cows can cost up to $30,000.

Thanks to breeders like Loveable Little Ones, miniature cows are a growing trend all across the United States. With so many cows already calling Texas home, it makes sense that these miniature cows are becoming a booming business here. Many provide milk and companionship for their families.

For those looking for a support animal, look no further.  Unfortunately, demand continues to grow, so prepare to be on a waiting list. Oh, and one more thing, they can't be litter trained and they aren't much interested in playing fetch. If you're looking for affection and companionship, then a miniature calf can't be beaten.



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