July 14th has seen many interesting things happen throughout history: An old west friendship ends with a bullet (supposedly), the Nazi's outlawed everyone else and a Bond actor made his final appearance as the character.

134 years ago: In 1881 - William H. Bonney, Jr., better known as BILLY THE KID, was shot and killed by Sheriff PAT GARRETT in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

82 years ago: In 1933 - All German political parties EXCEPT THE NAZI PARTY, were outlawed.

48 years ago : In 1967 - THE WHO performed in North America for the first time.  They were the opening act for HERMAN'S HERMITS.

26 years ago: In 1989 - TIMOTHY DALTON made his second and FINAL appearance as James Bond with the release of the 16th Bond film, "License to Kill".

23 years ago: In 1992 - DEMI MOORE appeared on the cover of "Vanity Fair" in nothing but a painted-on birthday suit.  (Not to be confused with the nude cover she did when she was pregnant, which is by far my favorite of the two.)

18 years ago: In 1997- Acquitted double-murderer O.J. SIMPSON'S Rockingham Estate was auctioned off for $2.6 million.

15 years ago: In 2000 - The first "X-Men" movie was released.  It made $157 million in the U.S.